A simple publishing engine, built with Ruby on Rails

LINES is an open source blogging platform designed for mobile publishing needs: You manage your articles in a clear, responsive backend, you write with a distraction-free markdown editor, your publishing process is dead simple. Readers enjoy your writing perfectly on all screens.


LINES is an OSS project: the code and all the sources are on GitHub and we have a gem version ready to install at RubyGems. Have a look at the readme, fork LINES, or install the gem.

1. Add the gem to your Gemfile

gem 'lines-engine'

2. Run “bundle”


3. An installation task will guide you through the rest of the installation process. Just switch to your application directory and run

rails g lines:install

4. Adjust settings for Lines in the newly generated


5. Run database migrations:

rake db:migrate

More Features

Please contribute, it’s open source

We built LINES as a plugin because we couldn’t find a Rails system that served our responsive publishing requirements.

Customizing LINES to your needs and preferences shouldn’t be a problem for you as a developer, because we adhered closely to best practices and code conventions.

The complete documentation is available on RubyDoc.info. We’re constantly working on the blog platform, maintaining and keeping it up-to-date on GitHub.

LINES is an open source project for a reason. It needs people, work, and time to mature. You can help make this project great by giving us feedback, telling us about your concerns, and voicing questions.
Contact our developers: Jochen Greif & Max Boll